Straits 4 ft. LED T8 Tube (42 Case) - Type A Retrofit - 14W, 2100 Lumens, 5000K Streamline Series

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Great Illumination Quality - These tubes provide excellent illumination performance for a wide variety of applications. With a high CRI rating, these P-Series tubes provide excellent visibility for improved safety and reduced accident rates. They are also easier on the eyes for a more pleasant user experience. High Performance Technology - These tubes use the latest in LED technology, including high performance SMT2835 chips and drivers. With exceptional heat management, they are able to provide strong lumen output while having a long lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. They also feature adjustable color temperature outputs from 3500K to 5000K in order to suit the application needs. Excellent Durability - These LED tubes feature a plastic shatterproof lens with an aluminum casing for maximum durability. They are shock resistant and utilize plastic end caps with the standard bi-pin G13 style system for easy and straightforward installation into existing T8 fixtures. Huge Energy Savings - These T8 tubes offer exceptional energy savings, especially when compared to traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescent bulbs. Most users will notice an energy savings of up to 70% when upgrading, which saves a tremendous amount of money over the lifetime of the tube.

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