Square LED Ceiling Light Fixture,28W (200 Watt Equivalent) Hallway LED Flush Mount Light,13 Inch 3200lm LED Ceiling Lamp for Kitchen Bathroom,IP65 (Used Outdoor),6500K Bright White

Price: $19.99

WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF - With IP65 waterproof rating,can be used under any weather conditions, Of course you can rest assured that it can work quite well in your bathroom or anyplace with water splashing and also against dust/dirt or insects BRIGHT AND ENERGY SAVING - I-Lighting LED Ceiling Lamp provides a high luminous efficiency 2000lm (115lm/ 1 LED chip), this ceiling light can provide you with bright enough lights to light up your room?workspace or outdoor space ENERGY SAVING - Equivalent to the brightness of a traditional 150 Watt fluorescent tube, using 18W LED only, save you 90% electricity. Lasting over 50,000 hours CRI 90+ & EYES PROTECTION - Color rendering index over 90 light shows object in their authentic color, realistically and naturally, giving you a more vivid and accurate lighting effect,Built in LED chips without flickering, shine evenly, no incandescent bulbs needed EASY TO INSTALL AND TO USED - The square ceiling lamp can be installed easily by provided accessories and screws on the ceiling directly. Just several steps, you will find that it's very easy and convenient to install this LED ceiling light independently

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