HMINLED 25 Pack 4ft T8 Single Ended Power (SEP) LED Tube Bulbs Light, Type A, Clear Lens, 22W (60W Equivalent) 6000K Daylight, Fluorescent Replacement Fixture, T10 T12, Ballast Bypass

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Single Ended Power (SEP) - Use with non-shunted tombstones (not included) to convert existing fixtures to LED for instant energy savings (up to 85%). HMINLED LED bulbs help you avoid costly ballast replacement and provide instant bright light with no flickering. Easy Install – Follow the installation guide for a quick and easy setup. Rewire your fixture to disconnect or bypass the existing ballast, then connect live and neutral wires from the power source to corresponding socket wiring. Reliable and Shatterproof - HMINLED 4ft t8/t12 replacement bulbs would run in high performance for many years, which gives the credit to its designs. The tube light bulbs have been packed very well with Styrofoam cushioning and end cap to protect them in transit. Besides, wiring single ended led tube has shatterproof property because it is equipped with an aluminum body and a clear lens. High Bright LED Bulbs – An ideal lighting solution for commercial buildings, such as supermarkets, offices, convenience stores, gas stations, warehouse, shops, hotels, motels, etc, providing superior brightness for any space. Buying from a Manufacturer in Confidence – The direct benefit is that you can effectively get high price performance lights. When issues of quality or logistics come out, a response can be replied quickly because we master every process from raw materials to end-product arrived at the terminal customers.

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