HKBAYI 16.4ft 5M Flex 150pixels Individually Addressable WS2812B 5050 SMD Built in WS2811 IC Dream Color LED Strip Light silicone sleeve Waterproof Ip67

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Individually Addressable Dream full color Programmable WS2812 Great LED Strip,Black PCB ,silicone sleeve,came with convenient couple of extra JST-SM 3pin connectors. Works great w/ Arduino and is easy to program, as the addressable WS2811 IC is built- in the 5050SMD and it makes this led strip to light up each individual 5050SMD at your wish. Can be cut each 5050SMD individually, and will works great without damage , Need only 5v, can work on USB power.Fully IP68 waterproof silicone sleeve with JST- SM connectors on both ends for easy installation,Each pixel is on a separate PCB, which allows you to cut up the strips into smaller segments if required for your installation. Addressable LEDs allow each individual LED to have a distinct color & brightness to every other LED. It allows you to display most anything on an LED strip that can be displayed on this screen! Full color video, signs, complex chase patterns, persistence of vision projects--really, the sky is the limit. This 5050 Dream Color is a good choice for LED hobbyists?You can expect some cool chases, interesting rainbow patterns, and varying speed fades and patterns,Making led screen, led wall, advertising board, apply to hotel, KTV, bars, Outdoor advertising signs, Christmas or wedding party decoration Ultra-bright but running at low temperature

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